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People that represent interest groups and communicate with offiacals are ......
a) Intrest groups
b) Lobbyist
c) Communities
d) People in the Media

What is an intrest group?
a) A group of people who try to influence legislation
b) A group of people who hate the government
c) A group of people are all tree huggers
d) None of the above

Why do people lobby?
a) They want to be cool
b) To influences legislators
c) To get rich
d) Because it is part of their religion

What is a lobbyist?
a) An Extraterrestrial Monkeys
b) People who hate Monkeys
c) A person who seeks to influence legislators to introduce or bote for or agianst a bill
d) A person elected to political office

What is one of the following international issues that require the decisions of the local government.
a) Public health concerns in the event of a pandemic
b) Public safety in the event of an act of terrorism
c) Economic development policies in response to the emerging global economy
d) All answers are correct

Interest groups influence public policy in all the following ways except.
a) Identifying issues
b) Making political contributions
c) Lobbying government officials
d) Offering a forum for opposing viewpoints

Government officials use the media to ____________ with the public.
a) Call them
b) Declare War
c) Laugh At
d) Communicate

Which of the following is NOT a way individuals influence public policy
a) Participating in politics (voting, campaigning, seeking office)
b) Expressing opinions (lobbying, demostrating, writing letters)
c) Join interest groups
d) Not Voting

What is one way media plays an important role in setting the public agenda?
a) Focusing public attention on selected issues
b) Offering a forum in which opposing viewpoints are communicated
c) Holding government officials accountable to the public
d) All the the answers are correct

What does the media do?
a) Join intrest groups
b) Be biased
c) Focus Public attention on slected isssues
d) Policy Making

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