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Who is Circe?
a) A beautiful fairy
b) a sorceress goddess
c) Odysseus' wife
d) Cyclops' wife

What does Circe do to Odysseus' Men?
a) Turns them into cows
b) Turns them to stone
c) Turns them into swine (pigs)
d) Turns them into canine (dogs)

What does Circe tell Odyseus to do?
a) Go home
b) Go to the Land of the Dead
c) Swim for it
d) Go back to Tiresias

Who are two people Odysseus talks to at the Land of the Dead?
a) his son and daughter
b) His mother and a dead soldier
c) Circe and Cyclops
d) Tiresias and Zeus

How long does Odysseus stay with Circe
a) one year
b) six months
c) six years
d) one month

Who is Tiresias?
a) a god
b) a blind prophet
c) Odysseus' father
d) Odysseus' wife's new husband

Tiresias tells Odysseus that his men can not
a) swim
b) eat the cattle of Helios
c) drink any more wine
d) start any fires

Tiresias also tells Odysseus that
a) his wife has forgotten about him
b) his son has died
c) there will be trouble at home
d) his ship will sink

The second time Odysseus goes to see Circe, what did she do?
a) changed more men into pigs
b) changed the men back to humans, and they left with him
c) ate the pigs
d) she made him leave his wife

What is the Land of the Dead?
a) a place for dying sailors
b) an opening to heaven
c) a place for the souls to go
d) who knows??

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