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Many comic cons could be described as _____________ conventions because they focus on popular ideas communicated through mass media.
a) superhero
b) pop culture
c) wizard
d) panel

Which of the following details expresses an opinion?
a) Fans display their own creativity in many ways at comic cons.
b) Fans are likely to meet local artists and make new friends at comic cons.
c) Modern culture would be terrible without the presence of comic cons.
d) Some fans camp at ticket booths for days to be sure they get into a comic con.

What was the effect of the success of recent Hollywood movies based on comic books?
a) Fans demanded comic books be written solely about superheroes.
b) Cosplay was eliminated from the comic con experience.
c) Comic cons gained popularity in modern culture.
d) Comic cons became less popular, and movies more popular.

What is the author’s point of view on the appeal of comic cons?
a) Comic cons interest people because they create worlds where ordinary people can become heroes.
b) Comic cons are one of the only places where fans can meet celebrities and obtain their autographs.
c) Comic cons are losing popularity among young people but gaining popularity in the older generations.
d) Comic cons have become large and overwhelming and are therefore no longer enjoyable.

Which of the following is a fact from the section “Growing Pains and Issues”?
a) Arguments between fans about who knows the most are a waste of time.
b) Comic cons can be a place to discuss larger issues in the outside world.
c) The audience for comic books and comic cons has changed for the better.
d) With the introduction of movies and video games, the original inspiration for comic cons has been lost.

A group of people invited to knowledgeably discuss a subject in front of an audience is called a ______________
a) readership
b) panel
c) fandom
d) screening

What is the author’s purpose for writing this book?
a) to persuade the reader that comic books are the best genre to read
b) to inform the reader about the origins and history of Shel Dorf and his family
c) to entertain the reader with fictional tales about superheroes and fantasy worlds
d) to inform and entertain the reader with the details about the culture of comic cons

Which detail from the text supports the idea that the popularity of comic cons has increased with time?
a) Stan Lee is the creator of many of Marvel Comics’ most popular superheroes, including the X-Men and Spider-Man.
b) Fans have the opportunity to display their creativity at comic cons by dressing up as characters from comic books, anime, man
c) The San Diego convention in 1970 attracted about 100 fans, but it has grown to be the largest convention in the United States
d) Fans at comic cons can have their photo taken with celebrities and get autographs on comic books and posters.

A venue _______________
a) can be used to organize a large quantity of comic books
b) can be bought, sold, or exchanged at a comic convention
c) can be the location of a comic convention or another major event
d) can only be viewed in a specialized movie theater

What is the effect of a comic book author writing to address topics such as race, gender, politics, and war?
a) A smaller audience is attending comic cons.
b) Comic books about less serious topics are no longer being published.
c) Comic cons are becoming more prevalent throughout the world.
d) Comic books that address these serious themes are often labeled “graphic novels” or “graphic memoirs.”

Leaders sometimes use censorship to keep people from forming their own
a) lines
b) clubs
c) opinions

_____________________ is the opposite of diversity.
a) Variety
b) Heredity
c) Uniformity

An author is least likely to use __________ to write a memoir.
a) interviews
b) memories
c) personal experiences

The opposite of a controversy is ___________
a) a conflict
b) an agreement
c) a conversation

Merchandise is the same as ______________
a) manufacturing processes
b) items that can be bought and sold
c) raw materials

Publishers and authors usually want ______________ in readership.
a) a disloyalty
b) a decline
c) an increase

_________________ takes place at a venue.
a) An idea
b) An event
c) A feast

People discuss their __________ at a sales convention
a) work
b) injuries
c) video games

Pop culture reveals a society's ________________
a) work ethic
b) hierarchy
c) popular ideas

The fandom of a particular show is ______________ it.
a) indifferent to
b) bored with
c) dedicated to

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