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When each unstressed syllable is followed by a stressed syllable
a) Iambic Pentameter
b) Blank Verse
c) Rhyming Couplet
d) Sonnet

Who does Romeo love at the BEGINNING of the play?
a) Juliet
b) Helena
c) the Nurse
d) Rosaline

Which character in the play is always angry and short-tempered?
a) Mercutio
b) the Prince
c) Paris
d) Tybalt

When a main character dies, there is an unhappy ending, and a character causes his own downfall, it is called a
a) Drama
b) Tragedy
c) Play
d) Fable

Which of these is a possible theme of the play?
a) Children, obey your parents.
b) Hatred leads to violence, destruction, and waste.
c) Love at first sight is not true love.
d) Love is more powerful than anything else.

What is the punishment for the Montague and Capulet feud?
a) The prince executes a member from each family.
b) Romeo runs away.
c) Their children fall in love and kill themselves.
d) Romeo kills two people.

When a character expresses his or her private thoughts to the audience, it is called
a) aside
b) speech
c) thoughts
d) soliloquy

How does Juliet's character change throughout the play?
a) She grows stronger and more independent.
b) She becomes more hateful and disrespectful.
c) She becomes more shy and timid.
d) She becomes more rebellious and threatens to kill herself.

Who refers to Juliet as a bright angel?
a) Paris
b) Capulet
c) Romeo
d) the Nurse

When the audience knows something that a character in the play does not know, it is called
a) dramatic irony
b) situational irony
c) verbal irony
d) literary irony

What is the term for two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme?
a) iambic pentameter
b) rhyme scheme
c) couplet
d) poetry

What is the climax, or turning point, of the play?
a) When Tybalt kills Mercutio
b) When Romeo kills Tybalt
c) When Romeo and Juliet get married
d) When Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love

What is a foil?
a) A character who serves to highlight one or more attributes of the protagonist by providing a contrast.
b) character serves to highlight one or more attributes of another character, often the antagoinist, by providing a contrast.
c) A character who is in direct conflict with the protagonist.
d) A character who is in direct conflict with the antagonist.

What is Romeo's punishment for killing Tybalt?
a) execution
b) jail
c) banishment
d) fine

Who does Romeo kill in a duel at the Capulet tomb?
a) Balthasar
b) Friar Laurence
c) Paris
d) Tybalt

When Romeo hears that Juliet is dead, but the audience knows she is just sleeping, it is called
a) Metaphor
b) Dramatic Irony
c) Simile
d) Personification

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