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What do the Earth and the moon have in common?
a) water
b) atmosphere
c) sphere of rock
d) nothing

The reason why the Sun appears to move slowly across the sky is...
a) The revolution of the Earth
b) the rotation of the earth on its axis
c) the moon's gravity
d) magic

__________ is what pulls objects to the center of the earth?
a) Gravity
b) Space
c) A pulley
d) my body weight

The Earth ______________ around the Sun?
a) revolves
b) rotates
c) spins
d) does nothing

A line, real or imaginary, around which something spins is called what?
a) axis
b) axel
c) equator
d) axe body spray

What is a natural source of heat and light in our solar system?
a) the north star
b) the moon
c) a campfire
d) the sun

The moon is a natural satellite that orbits what?
a) The Earth
b) The Sun
c) Venus
d) Mars

Craters are not found on the Earth
a) true
b) false
c) i dont know
d) they are only on the moon

If the sun in setting, how long will it take to rise again?
a) about 12 hours
b) about 24 hours
c) about 29 hours
d) about 1 day

About how long does it take the moon to orbit around the Earth?
a) 24 hours
b) 29 days
c) 365 days
d) 21 days

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