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Multiple cells of the same type and function make up a(n)
a) tissue
b) organ
c) cell
d) organism

Which cells are specialized, complex, and usually part of multicellular organisms?
a) Eukaryotic cells
b) Prokaryotic cells
c) Bacterial cells
d) Unicellular organisms

Cells do all of the following EXCEPT
a) function exactly the same
b) divide
c) use energy
d) grow

Cells have similar, but different functions. Which cell would function most like a muscle cell?
a) a heart cell
b) a brain cell
c) a skin cell
d) a bone cell

Which is in the correct order from simplest to most complex?
a) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
b) organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell
c) cell, organism, tissue, organ system, organ
d) organ, cell, organ system, organism, tissue

The passing of traits from parents to offspring is known as
a) heredity
b) genetics
c) cells
d) DNA

A segment of DNA that codes for a specific trait is called a
a) gene
b) chromosome
c) heredity
d) asexual reproduction

Which are advantages of asexual reproduction
a) to produce many offspring quickly, no need to find a mate
b) to have strong genetic variability
c) to have offspring that can survive in many conditions
d) can produce very complex organisms, but takes time to find a mate

Which are true of sexual reproduction?
a) Genetically complex organisms are created, though it takes more time to reproduce
b) It is a very fast way of reproduction.
c) It does not require a mate.
d) It only occurs in animals.

Thread-like strands of DNA (found in the nucleus of plant and animal cells) that contain many genes
a) chromosomes
b) genes
c) DNA
d) heredity

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