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Joy looked outside the window and observed the Sun in the western sky. What time of the day could it be?
a) sunrise
b) noon
c) sunset
d) midnight

Earth experiences seasonal changes because of it's orbit around the sun, which is also known as...
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) spinning
d) condensation

Which of the following causes your shadow to move?
a) earth's rotation
b) earth's revolution
c) Suns revolution
d) earth's orbit

What statement correctly describes the Sun and the Earth?
a) the sun and the earth both have water
b) the sun and the earth both have a surface called the crust
c) the sun and the earth both have an atmosphere
d) the sun and the earth both have breathable air

In what direction does the sun appear to move across the sky?
a) west to east
b) north to south
c) east to west
d) south to north

Earth's rotation causes the day and night cycle. It also causes
a) the sun to appear to move
b) the sun to remain in orbit
c) the sun to orbit the earth
d) the earth to orbit the sun

Earth rotates on its axis once every
a) month
b) year
c) 24 hours
d) 12 hours

There are _____ tides in a 24 hour period.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) a

The tides come in the following pattern
a) low, low, high, high
b) low, high, low, high
c) high. low, high, high
d) low, low, low, low

What is responsible for the tides?
a) The pull of gravity from the Moon
b) pull of gravity from the sun
c) pull of a rope from a person
d) the oceans waves

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