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This Ottoman sultan conquered the Christian city of Constantinople, renaming it Istanbul.
a) Suleiman the Magnificent
b) Mehmet II
c) Babur
d) Abu Akbar

The Taj Mahal was built by this ruler as a shrine to his late wife.
a) Aurangzeb
b) Shah Jahan
c) Mehmet II
d) Babur

Which of three major Muslim empires lasted until WWI?
a) Mughal Empire
b) Ottoman Empire
c) Safavid Empire
d) Romanov Dynasty

This was the Chinese Muslim admiral that led seven voyages for the Ming dynasty to demonstrate its superiority.
a) Hongwu
b) Yonglo
c) Zheng He.
d) Kangxi

The Spanish conquistador ________________ defeated the Aztecs under their leader _____________.
a) Pizarro, Montezuma
b) Pizzaro, Quetzlcoatl
c) Cortes, Tenochtitlan
d) Cortes, Montezuma

Which of the following Portuguese explorers proved there was a sea route to India by going around the southern tip of Africa?
a) Bartholomeu Dias
b) Vasco da Gama
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Ferdinand Magellan

What role did religion play in the desire for European exploration?
a) The church tried to stop exploration of foreign lands.
b) The pope traveled to the New World in 1500.
c) Christians wanted to spread their religion to new parts of the world.
d) The church wanted to learn about new religions to incorporate those ideas into Christianity

What was the route in the Atlantic where slaves were shipped from Africa into the New World?
a) The Atlantic Passage
b) The Middle Passage
c) The Trail of Tears
d) The Columbian Exchange

Why did Europeans see Africans as a better source of labor than Native Americans?
a) Africans had complete immunity to all diseases, so they wouldn’t die off.
b) Africans had no experience in farming, so they wouldn’t try to do things their way.
c) Africans were strangers in the Americas, so they wouldn’t have allies or places to hide.
d) Africans were already Christians, so they didn’t have to be content.

The Columbian Exchange provided animals, goods, and raw materials shipped between a series of countries. Identify which continents shipped what.
a) Africa (slaves) to Americas (raw goods) to Europe (finished goods)
b) Americas (finished goods) to Africa (slaves) to Europe (raw goods)
c) Asia (spices) to Africa (slaves) to America (raw goods)
d) Africa (raw materials) to Americas (slaves) to Europe (finished goods)

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