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Argentina, Brazil, and Chile are all ruled by ___
a) many
b) few
c) one
d) dictators

Unlimited governments are more likely to abuse human rights because __________
a) the constitution allows it
b) too many people making the rules
c) no checks and balances
d) media doesn't look into dictatoships

All citizens in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile can _____________
a) vote
b) pay taxes
c) be on a jury
d) serve in the military

How does war spread culture traits?
a) Invaders destroy all aspects of the conquored country's culture.
b) Soldiers entering a foreign land adopt new fighting techniques.
c) Conquering armies force their beliefs on the conquored.
d) Outsiders always adopt the culture of the land.

Why is Brazil hot and humid?
a) natural resources and longitude
b) latitude and nearness to the water
c) natural disasters and landforms
d) trade and tourism

Lima and Buenos Aries are both large urban centers. Why?
a) Both on or near the water
b) Both are in Brazil.
c) Both are located in the Andes Mountains.
d) Both are islands.

What allowed South America to have more global trade and travel destination?
a) drug cartel in Colombia
b) burning of the rain forest
c) building roads in the Andes mountains
d) building the Panama Canal

What culture traits did the African slaves bring with them that influenced the culture of South America?
a) sculpture, painting, and art
b) advanced weaponry
c) architecture
d) dance, foods, and music

Which statement is true for US citizens but not for those under a dictatorship?
a) US citizens can vote for any office, but those under a dictatorship the people can only vote for head of state
b) US citizens can vote for any office, but those under a dictatorship the people can usually not vote.
c) Those under a dictatorship can vote for any office, but US citizens can only vote for head of government
d) People in a dictatorship can vote for all offices, but US citizens cannot vote for any.

How did migration of Europeans change the character of South America?
a) men and women gained greater social equality
b) economic practices went back to traditional methods
c) religion and language changed a lot
d) native groups changed the way they farmed

Where is most tof the Amazon River Basin?
a) Bolivia
b) Brazil
c) Argentina
d) Chile

Which natural resource is needed for logging?
a) cool climate
b) abundant minerals
c) numerous forests
d) rich topsoil

How can people protest an issue they don't agree with in a republic form of government?
a) music lyrics
b) art
c) literature
d) all of these

What is at 0 degrees latitude?
a) prime meridian
b) equator
c) artic circle
d) tropic of capricorn

Why were human rights abused in the Dirty War?
a) Argentina had an unlimited government and the power was held by one man and his military.
b) Argentina was a democratic form of government.
c) Argentina had a limited form of government.
d) Argentina had a constitution that allowed this to happen.

What technological advantage did the Spanish have over the indigenous people of South America?
a) printing press
b) ships
c) disease
d) firearms

Which rights are usually abused in an unlimited government?
a) right to a jury trial and access to courts
b) freedom of speech
c) freedom of religion
d) All of the above.

How is Brazil different from most of South America?
a) speak Portuguese
b) contains the Amazon rainforest
c) contains the Amazon River
d) contains the Andes Mountains

Why is South America considered a region?
a) most governments are republics
b) most practice the same religion
c) has many indigenous peoples
d) agricluture is common in most areas

What were the women protesting in Argentina?
a) Right to vote
b) mistreatments of women
c) help to find their disappeared loved ones
d) right to free speech

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