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a) powerful, forceful energy
b) denying an accusation
c) battling until surrender
d) hard and shiny

a) the ability to make something stop happening
b) being rude and unamanagable
c) punishing someone for a wrongdoing
d) relentless or unstoppable

a) the ability to recover
b) extreme sickness
c) mild anger
d) being easily angered

a) the ability to see the future
b) able to run farther than others
c) uncertainty; a nervous or fearful feeling
d) sickness

a) very exciting
b) the ability to fight cleanly
c) using an excuse for something
d) tiresome or dull

a) extremely large
b) moving about as if blind
c) slight or gradual
d) a battle

a) putting an end to an action
b) beginning a project
c) the end of a time period
d) using a weapon to defend something

a) another name for the army
b) a soldier
c) a journey across the country
d) military service abroad

a) the arrangement of troops
b) a high place on a building
c) one way that a horse moves, similar to a gallop
d) a gun that will shoot repeatedly

a) to go on a trip
b) to follow along
c) to undertake risks and dangers
d) a safe place

a) to float as a boat
b) the ability to bounce back
c) a thing that floats in the ocean
d) the way you hold a horse's bridle

a) a sharp pain
b) a dull aching feeling
c) an angle less than 90 degrees
d) a horse's stable

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