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A prokaryotic cell lacks
a) chromosomes
b) a cell
c) an organism
d) nucleus

In human sexual reproduction a sperm and egg combine to form a
a) a zygote with 23 chromosomes
b) an egg cell with 46 chromosomes
c) a zygote with 0 chromosomes
d) a zygote with 46 chromosomes

During Binary Fission an organism produces
a) Two identical cells
b) a new biology teacher
c) a mutant organism
d) Two different cells

A haploid human sperm cell has how many chromosomes?
a) 2
b) 23
c) 46
d) 13

DNA stands for
a) Down new acids
b) Da New Mr. Romero is awesome
c) Deoxynew Acid
d) Deoxyribonucleic acid

Male Sex chromosomes are represented by
a) XX
b) XY

Human DNA is in the shape of a
a) plasmid
b) double helix
c) tetrahedral
d) apoptic

A bacteria has a piece of circular DNA called a
a) double helix
b) plasmid
c) tetrahedral
d) apoptic

If nondysjunction occurs in a cell then an individual will have an extra chromosome. This extra chromosome results in
a) a giant
b) down syndrome
c) apoptosis
d) a mutant

Interphase includes 3 phases. Which describes the correct order of the phases?
a) G2,S,G1
b) S,G2,G1
c) G1,S,G2
d) G1,G2,S

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