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Which of the following is NOT an example of acceleration?
a) a leaf falling at constant speed
b) a skater spinning
c) a car slowing down
d) a dog running faster and faster

You are on a bus traveling 47 m/s forward. You go to the back of the bus to visit your friend you are walking at a speed of 3 m/s. What is your resultant velocity?
a) 15.67 m/s backward
b) 50 m/s forward
c) 44 m/s forward
d) 15.67 m/s forward

Jean jogs on a path that is 25 kilometers long to get to the park that’s closest to her house. The park is south of the path. If it takes Jessica 2.5 hours, what is her speed?
a) 62.5 km/h
b) 10 km
c) 10 km/s
d) 10 km/h

As the ________________ between objects increases, the gravitational force between them decreases
a) mass
b) distance
c) volume
d) density

The gravitational force will be strongest between two objects which have __________________ mass.
a) larger
b) smaller
c) the same
d) equal

A car can accelerate from 0-60 m/s in 15 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car
a) 60 m/s/s
b) 4 m/h/s
c) 4 m/s/s
d) 60 m/h/s

A group of students is playing tug-of-war. The students on both sides of the rope are pulling with equal force. This is an example of _________________________________.
a) unbalanced forces
b) balanced forces
c) compression
d) terminal velocity

What are the two components of projectile motion?
a) Vertical and gravitational motion
b) horizontal motion and vertical motion
c) there is only one component
d) vertical motion

When an astronaut is on the moon his...
a) weight stayed the same
b) his mass changed
c) his mass stayed the same while his weight changed
d) both his mass and his weight stayed the same

What is sliding friction?
a) Placing objects on wheels, casters, or other rolling devices generally makes them easier to move.
b) opposes the motion of objects through liquids and gases.
c) when an object is pushed or pulled across a surface.
d) The force applied to the object is not strong enough to set it in motion

Which usually produces the least amount of friction?
a) sliding friction
b) rolling friction
c) both produce the same
d) none of the above

What is friction?
a) the result of two forces pushing against the same object
b) the result of two forces pulling the object away from each other
c) When an object isn’t moving, it’s in equilibrium
d) a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching

During a game of tug of war, one side pulls with 6 N of force to the right. The other side pulls with 3 N of force to the left. What is the net force?
a) 9 N right
b) 3 N left
c) 3 N right
d) 6 N right

Two people are trying to push away a box of rotting eggs. Sam pushes right with a force of 5 N and Omar pushes left with a force of 5 N. What is the net force?
a) 5 N right
b) 10 N right
c) 10 N left
d) 0 N

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