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When an organism is the offspring of many generations of organisms that have the same trait what is called?
a) Purebred
b) Hybrid
c) Heterozygous
d) Homozygous

What mathematical term did Mendel use in his experiments?
a) Probability
b) Chances
c) Likeihood
d) Percentages

Codomiance of an organism is when
a) alleles that are neither dominant nor recessive.
b) alleles are dominant.
c) alleles are recessive.
d) each allele is just an dominant.

A pea plant with a genotype of Tt is said to be what?
a) Dominant; Heterozygous (Hybrid)
b) Recessive; Heterozygous (Hybrid)
c) Dominant; Homozygous (Hybrid)
d) Recessive; Homozygous (Hybrid)

An organism's genotype is what?
a) It's alleles; genetic makeup
b) It's physical appearance
c) It's age
d) It's exoskeleton

Dominant is shown by what letters; recessive are shown by what letters?
a) Capital; Lower case
b) Lower case; Capital
c) Vowels; Constants
d) Constants; Vowels

Mendel discovered that the recessive phenotype didn't appear until which generation, what percentage was recessive?
a) Second Generation; 25%
b) First Generation; 50%
c) Third Generation; 75%
d) Never appeared

Which alleles will give a recessive phenotype?
a) yy
b) YY
c) Yy
d) Yxy

Which process gives half of the number of chromosomes as a body cell?
a) Meiosis
b) Mitosis
c) Cell Division
d) Cytokinesis

Which word is used in studying genetics when researching physical characteristics?
a) Traits
b) Genotype
c) Alleles
d) Genes

Chromosome pairs separate and create two new sex cells during what?
a) Meiosis
b) Mitosis
c) Gene therapy
d) Pedigree

The following statement (Genes are carried from parents to offspring on chromosomes) is know as what?
a) Theory of Inheritance
b) Law of Inheritance
c) Theory of Genetics
d) Law of Genetics

What shows all the possible outcomes of a genetic cross?
a) Punnett square
b) Pedigree
c) Genetic Cross
d) Family Tree

Mendel cross pollinated pea plants in order to do what?
a) To study different characteristics in his genetics experiments
b) To study same characteristics in his genetics experiments?
c) To prove he was correct about genetics
d) To study different phenotypes in his genetics experiments

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