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The world's population has increased rapidly the past two centuries primarily because of....
a) decrease in death rates and an increase in birthrates
b) better health care and eating habits
c) the availability of irrigation systems

Cultural Diffusion has taken place in the past through
a) a cultural region that includes different cultures that share common traits
b) trade, conquest and communication
c) implementing quotes and tariffs to block trade and limit foreign influence

Highly developed cultures are called....
a) civilizations
b) monarchy
c) gathering

Which of the following does NOT contribute to a growing world population?
a) increasing birthrates
b) availability of food and clean water
c) expanding the use of democratic governments

What describes the formation of a worldwide culture with an interdependent economy?
a) globalization
b) tariffs
c) civilization

Urban climates:
a) have more precipitation and less sunlight
b) have lower temperatures and more wind flow
c) are marked by higher temperatures and other differences

A thick haze of smoke and chemicals is known as
a) deforestation
b) erosion
c) smog

Geographers measure _______ to determine how crowded a country or region is.
a) refugees
b) population density
c) birthrates

________ are people who are forced to flee their country.
a) refugees
b) importers
c) immigrants

An __________ group shares a language, history, and some physical features.
a) ethnic
b) democratic
c) global

Which is a characteristic of a developed country?
a) they are becoming more industrial
b) they have a mix of agriculture, manufacturing and services industries
c) they have technology

An example of a nonrenewable resource...
a) gold
b) forests
c) water

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