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Lightning is caused by
a) clouds colliding
b) air becoming hot suddenly and expanding
c) static electricity shooting through the sky
d) all of these

Clouds form...
a) as liquid water fills the sky
b) from very cold air becoming hot in the sky
c) as water vapor cools and condenses around dust
d) as fog lifts into the atmosphere

Which zone is the US in that has warm summers and cold winters?
a) temperate
b) tropic
c) polar
d) arctic

Which zone is the equator located in (very warm and wet)?
a) polar
b) temperate
c) tropic
d) arctic

Which of these does NOT affect the climate of a city?
a) population
b) ocean currents
c) mountain ranges
d) altitude

A storm with 35 mile per hour winds, frozen precipitation, and 1/4 mile visibility
a) blizzard
b) hurricane
c) cyclone
d) thunderstorm

Which layer of the atmosphere is farthest from the Earth's surface?
a) troposphere
b) stratosphere
c) thermosphere
d) exosphere

Which type of storm of storm only forms over large bodies of warm water?
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) thunderstorm
d) blizzard

A device that measures wind speed with rotating cups
a) weather vane
b) barometer
c) aneroid barometer
d) anemometer

At sea level, it measures an average of 1.04 kg/cm squared
a) air mass
b) air pressure
c) temperature
d) climate

Dry area on the leeward side of the mountain
a) windward
b) drought
c) rain shadow
d) valley

Hail, rain, sleet and snow are known as
a) precipitation
b) hurricanes
c) thunderstorms
d) blizzard

A storm with winds blowing faster than 74 miles per hour
a) thunderstorm
b) precipitation
c) blizzard
d) hurricane

A large region of air with a similar temperature and humidity
a) air pressure
b) air mass
c) hurricane
d) rain shadow

Energy from the sun that reaches a planet's surface
a) insolation
b) air pressure
c) rain shadow
d) air mass

Includes several feet of snowfall
a) blizzard
b) hurricane
c) thunderstorm
d) precipitation

Average temperature and average rainfall are two important variables for determining
a) air mass
b) air pressure
c) precipitation
d) climate

A layer of gases between 5 and 11 miles thick
a) troposphere
b) blizzard
c) insolation
d) climate

This weather may occur when warm air rises
a) Blizzard
b) Rain Shadow
c) Thunderstorm
d) Climate

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