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The Solar energy that reaches Earth's surface is called
a) Insoloation
b) Ozone
c) weather
d) air mass

This forms over a warm area of water
a) toranado
b) air mass
c) blizzard
d) weather

this device measures atmospheric pressure
a) doppler radar
b) barometer
c) thermometer
d) El Nino

A rotating funnel- shaped cloud with high wind speeds is known as a
a) Hurricane
b) Tornado
c) Thunderhead
d) Cumulus clouds

The condition of the atmosphere at a specific time and place is the
a) weather
b) climate
c) temperature
d) winter

a constant movements of the ocean water is known as
a) the current
b) low tide
c) winds pressure
d) incoming tide

The kind of storm that includes high wind speeds and snow is a
a) hurricane
b) Tropical storm
c) Blizzard
d) Flood

A tool used to show weather in a specific area is known as a
a) radar
b) weather map
c) globe
d) storm warrning

Heavy rains in North and South America that occur every 2 - 7 years is known as
a) El Nino
b) storm front
c) El Nina
d) Startosphere

All weather occurs in earths...
a) Ozone
b) Climate
c) Troposphere
d) thermosphere

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