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A bigot would most likely feel a great deal of
a) hatred.
b) kindness.
c) boredom.
d) sorrow.

Which sentence best demonstrates the meaning of the word capsize?
a) Ms. Taylor tried on the hat to make sure it fit comfortably.
b) It looked like we were going to lose the game, yet we continued to play our best.
c) We tried to run the rapids, but our boat was dashed against the rocks.
d) The scientist was excited when he won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

Which of these animals could be described as irate?
a) a cow that is being milked
b) a sleeping dog
c) a chicken laying an egg
d) a charging bull

A mountain climber who persists would most likely
a) give up easily
b) climb until he or she has reached the top
c) wear the wrong type of clothing
d) rely on someone else for help

A victim of homicide would
a) be dead.
b) have to go to court.
c) have to spend time in the hospital.
d) need to borrow money.

What is a famous historical epidemic?
a) World War II
b) the Black Plague
c) the first moon landing.
d) the Declaration of Independence

If your friend shows apathy toward bowling, she would
a) be an award-winning bowler.
b) enjoy bowling.
c) have never heard of bowling.
d) not care about bowling.

Which sentence best demonstrates the meaning of the word rant?
a) Our next-door neighbor has been screaming about something all morning.
b) The lawyer met with the two companies' executives to work out an agreement.
c) Claudio got a good deal on his car after bargaining with the salesman for almost an our.
d) I learned how to play guitar by playing along with the radio after schoo.

Choose the SYNONYM of the word apathy.
a) agreement
b) outbreak
c) murder
d) indifference

Choose the SYNONYM of the vocabulary word permanent.
a) furious
b) everlasting
c) hardworking
d) prejudiced`

Choose the SYNONYM of the vocabulary word arbitrate.
a) negotiate
b) offend
c) award
d) roll over

Someone who is full of wrath would feel
a) fearful.
b) cheerful.
c) angry.
d) sympathetic.

The best reason to haggle is to
a) get a better price.
b) make new friends.
c) forget your problems.
d) lose weight.

A permanent scar would
a) be life-threatening.
b) be unnoticeable.
c) have an intersting shape.
d) never go away.

Which sentence best demonstrates the meaning of the word antagonize?
a) The president gave a rousing speech about the importance of making health care available to all.
b) Robin Hood was a constant source of frustration to the wealthy because he stole from them and gave the money to the poor.
c) The judge called the participants up to the stage so he could hand them their awards.
d) Jackie and I agreed that she could use the bike all week if I could use it on the weekends.

Choose the ANTONYM of the word persist.
a) quit
b) work
c) negotiate
d) arbitrate

Choose the ANTONYM of the word compromise.
a) compliment
b) disagree
c) take away
d) quit

choose the SYNONYM of the word homicide.
a) rash
b) prejudice
c) murder
d) fight

Choose the SYNONYM of the word capsize.
a) stick it out
b) speak wildly
c) quarrel
d) flip over

Choose the ANTONYM of the word bestow.
a) assist
b) dispute
c) take away
d) agree

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