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What is the correct spelling of DNA?
a) Deoxiribonucleic Acid
b) Deoxyribonucleic Acid
c) Deoxiribonucleous Acid
d) Dioxiribonucleic Acid

What is the shape of DNA?
a) Double Helix
b) Single Helix
c) Straight Double Stand
d) Single Strand

DNA is similar to a book because...
a) It stores information
b) It copies information
c) It transmits information
d) All of the answers

Which type of cell is accurate transmission of DNA most important?
a) Skin Cells
b) Brain Cells
c) Heart Cells
d) Sex Cells

DNA is made up of...
a) Proteins
b) Nucleotides
c) Nucleic Bases
d) Amino Acids

A mutation is also known as what?
a) change in RNA Sequence
b) X-Men
c) DNA
d) change in DNA Sequence

What happens to the cell if DNA is damaged?
a) Cell function is normal
b) Cell function changes
c) Cell function ceases
d) Cell offspring is unaffected

DNA is replicated by...
a) Semiconservative
b) Conservative
c) Non-conservative
d) Random

Which of the following is the correct base-pair combination in DNA?
a) C-T
b) U-A
c) T-G
d) C-G

What is the correct compliment of DNA base pairs to match the following: GGCTAT

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