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For a small fee, any white male twenty-one years of age could win land. Up to 30 million acres of land were given away through this system.
a) The Yazoo Land Fraud
b) The Creek Indian Removal
c) The Louisiana Purchase
d) The land lottery process

The Methodists and Baptists spread through the south because of _________ ?
a) radio broadcasts
b) televangelists
c) lectures
d) tent revivals

Was extremely important to the Southern economy and became the dominant cash crop for the entire South.
a) wheat
b) rice
c) cotton
d) indigo

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Alexander McGilivray
b) John Marshall
c) Lyman Hall
d) Eli Whitney

The final result of the Yazoo Land Fraud was
a) Georgia gained new territory in what is now Mississippi.
b) the Indians would plant cotton for the government on fifty percent of the land.
c) the national government took over the Yazoo lands, paid $1,250,000 to Georgia, and agreed to remove all Indians from Georgia
d) the Yazoo Act was repealed in the state legislature.

The _______ proved to be a natural barrier that forced settlers, moving in covered wagons, and southward into Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia.
a) Mississippi River
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Cumberland Gap
d) Appalachian Mountains

Which of the following was not a reason the state got involved in railroad building?
a) Building railroads was very expensive
b) Money for railroad construction was limited
c) Businessmen were afraid they would lose their money if they invested in railroads.
d) they would be a fast and reliable inexpensive form of traveling by land.

The capital of Georgia moved many times in order to
a) follow the route of the railroads
b) keep up with the growth of the state government.
c) stay in the center of the state's population
d) stay in the geographic center of the state.

The first state-chartered university in the United States was
a) Oglethorpe University.
b) Georgia Tech.
c) The University of Georgia
d) Georgia

The fThe first way the government of Georgia distributed land was by
a) selling it to land speculators
b) giving it away.
c) selling it at low prices
d) work a certain number of years for the government to receive it.

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