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How did the creation of the nominating convention change the dynamics of the presidential election?
a) It put the power to nominate candidates in the hands of a few powerful people.
b) It allowed the involvement of ordinary people in the election.
c) It ended the electoral college.
d) It elected a President based solely on the popular vote.

Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts did not believe in states' rights because he believed
a) the Constitution united the American people, not just the states.
b) states had the right to cancel federal laws.
c) the liberty of a state was more important than the Union.
d) nullification was right.

Which of the following groups would most likely be associated with the Democratic party?
a) Frontier Farmers
b) Northern Manufacturers
c) Southern Merchants
d) Northern Merchants

The practice of rewarding supporters with political jobs is known as
a) nullification
b) fair appointment
c) appraisal
d) spoils system

Which of the following statements about Andrew Jackson is true?
a) He came from humble beginnings.
b) He was captured during the Battle of New Orleans.
c) He came from a wealthy family and was arrogant.
d) He loved cheese.

When William Henry Harrison died, who became vice-president?
a) John Tyler
b) Martin Van Buren
c) John Quincy Adams
d) James Monroe

Why was the 1828 election of Andrew Jackson well received by the people?
a) He was tall.
b) He favored projects to promote the arts and sciences.
c) Many felt he represented the common people.
d) He supported manufacturing in the North

What changes occurred that extended voting privileges in the 1820s?
a) Supporters of the War of 1812 were not allowed to vote
b) Voters needed to register with the voting commission of New England
c) African Americans were allowed to vote
d) White males no longer had to own property to vote

The House of Representatives chose this president during the election of 1824.
a) John Quincy Adams
b) James Monroe
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Alexander Hamilton

This president had a difficult time of uniting the country.
a) Andrew Jackson
b) John Quincy Adams
c) James Monroe
d) Jason Kaye

What political party drew the support of Federalists?
a) Whigs
b) Democrats
c) Democratic Republicans
d) Independents

Who was most likely to support the Whig Party?
a) Eastern Workers
b) Northern Farmers
c) Eastern Businessman
d) Frontier Farmers

Who was most likely to support the Democrats?
a) Eastern Businessman
b) Frontier Farmers
c) Northern Merchants
d) Federalists

Who was more likely to support a National Bank?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Calhoun
d) James Monroe

John Quincy Adams' domestic policy aligned itself with this concept...
a) Nullification
b) Mercantilism
c) Laissez Faire
d) American System

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