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Which desert is in north Africa?
a) Sahara
b) Savanna
c) Sahel
d) Kalahari

Which ethnic group is predominate in northern Africa?
a) Arabs
b) Ashanti
c) Bantu
d) Swahili

What is the strip of land south of the Sahara desert?
a) Sahel
b) Sahara
c) Savanna
d) Kalahari

Which best describes the African savanna?
a) dry grassland with short stunted trees
b) dry grassland that is turning into desert
c) dense rainforest
d) Mountain Range

Which mountain range is in northwest Africa
a) Atlas
b) Alps
c) Andes
d) Ural

The largest ethnic group south of the Sahara is the _____?
a) Bantu
b) Swahili
c) Arab
d) Ashanti

The process where land turns into desert is known as ____.
a) desertification
b) deforestation
c) pollution
d) Oil spills

The African rainforest is being clear cut to make way for roads and farms. This is known as _________.
a) deforestation
b) desertification
c) pollution
d) oil spills

The only travel through this region is by camel. No villages or people live here.
a) Sahara Desert
b) Kalahari Desert
c) Sahel
d) Savanna

Most people live around _______.
a) water
b) mountains
c) ocean
d) desert

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