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Vinegar is added to baking soda and bubbles of carbon dioxide rapidly form. A cloudy liquid is left behind. What are the products in this chemical reaction?
a) Vinegar and the cloudy liquid
b) Vinegar and baking soda
c) Carbon dioxide and baking soda
d) Carbon dioxide and the cloudy liquid

Water in the form of rain is chemically combined with sulfur dioxide and oxygen to create sulfuric acid, which becomes acid rain. In this reaction, what is the product?
a) Sulfur dioxide
b) Water
c) Oxygen
d) Sulfuric acid

Lead Nitrate + Sodium Iodide->Sodium Nitrate +Lead Iodide What are the products of this equation?
a) Lead nitrate, sodium nitrate
b) Sodium iodide, lead iodide
c) Sodium nitrate, lead iodide
d) Lead nitrate, sodium iodide

Water in the form of rain is chemically combined with sulfur dioxide and oxygen to create sulfuric acid, which becomes acid rain. In this reaction, what are the reactants?
a) Sulfur Dioxide, oxygen and water
b) Oxygen, water adn sulfuric acid
c) Water, sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide
d) Sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide and oxygen

Lead Nitrate + Sodium Iodide->Sodium Nitrate +Lead Iodide What has happened to the atoms of the reactants?
a) They have recombined to form the products
b) They have changed into new atoms
c) They have new names and places
d) Some have been lost to the environments

If 4 carbon atoms undergo a chemical reaction with oxygen to form CO2 molecules, how many carbon atoms will be found in the product?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Our body breaks down food using chemical reactions. What is this process called?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Respiration
c) Combustion
d) Production

A biologist studies photosynthesis and describes it as a biological process. A chemist studies it and calls it a chemical reaction. Which scientist is right?
a) Both they use different terms but agree on the reactants and products
b) Neither, if scientists don't agree, then conclusions cannot be made
c) The chemist because photosynthesis has both reactants and products
d) The biologist because it is a biological process occurring in cells

What is one way the development of synthetic fibers, like nylon, has affected the clothing we wear?
a) Synthetics are waterproof
b) Synthetics have more stretch
c) Natural fibers wear longer
d) Synthetics don't burn

The law of conservation of mass states that matter is not gained or lost in a reaction. Which of the following correctly restates this law? In a chemical reaction
a) Matter is gained and lost but energy is conserved
b) The amount of mass is equal to the sum of the reactants and products
c) Matter is gained and lost depending on how much energy is added
d) The amount of mass of the reactants will equal the mass of the products

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