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Having a strong identity and belief in your country is called
a) Imperailism
b) Nationalism
c) Colonialism
d) Humanism

The 1989 elections in Poland demonstrated which of the following was happening in Eastern Europe
a) A movemnet to abolish constitutional monarchies
b) Unification of the communist satellite states
c) Diffusion of democratic ideals
d) Shift towards totalitarianism

What is the Euro
a) A toy similar to a frisbee
b) An Itlian Soccer team
c) A sweedish rock band
d) The currency used in the European Union

Agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and associations such as the European Union (EU) reflect a movement toward
a) Reliance of social welfare systems
b) Rebirth of command economies
c) Free Trade zones
d) National Policies of protectionism

Which of the following has the most influence over current economic success in Russia
a) Price of Bananas
b) Price of Agriculture
c) Price of oil
d) Price of computers

The government alliance between Russia and the surrounding countries in 1922 was called
a) Lenin Pact
b) Opec
c) Eruopean Union
d) Soviet Union

Which factor posed the greatest threat in developing natural resources in Siberia
a) The harsh climate hindered the settlement of pernmanent settlements
b) The employment of seasonal laborers reduced annual output quotas
c) Limited access to water prevented the establishment of large cities
d) Severe drought prevented growing crops on the arable lands

Which of the following best explains the population shift in Europe after the creation of the European Union
a) Increased buiness in Africa encouraged movement to southern Europe
b) The industrialized western europe encouraged movemnent west for better jobs
c) The new markets in eastern Europe incouraged movement east
d) The search for political freedoms and better economic opportunities encourage movement north

Who first formulated the philosophy of communism?
a) Jimmy Carter
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Karl Marx
d) Mikhail Gorbachev

What landform separates Spain and Portugal from the rest of Europe
a) The Cantabrian Mountains
b) The Pyrenees
c) The Meseta
d) The Dinaric Alps

22. From 1945 to 1991 the Soviet Union and the United States were in a conflict that never resulted in open warfare. What was this conflict called
a) Silent War
b) Cold War
c) USSR Conflict
d) Cold Dispute

Valleys created by melting glaciers that break off pieces of mountains are called
a) Canyons
b) Straits
c) Penninsulas
d) Fjords

An economy where the government makes all the decisions is called
a) Command Economy
b) Market economy
c) Labor Economy
d) Traditional Economy

In 1986 there was a nuclear meltdown at which of the following power stations
a) St. Petersburg
b) Chernobyl
c) Vladivostok
d) Lituania

What mountain range seperates Europe from Asia
a) Rockies
b) Alps
c) Ural
d) Pyrenees

Between 1960 and 1993, what happened to the Aral Sea
a) Decreased by 1/3
b) Decreased by 1/2
c) Stayed the same
d) Increased slightly

A piece of land where water is surrounding three of the four sides is called
a) Isthmus
b) Fjord
c) Strait
d) Penninsula

Which country had built a global colonial empire by the 1800’s
a) United Kingdom
b) Sweden
c) Italy
d) Uraguay

Which argument would an opponent of nuclear power plants most likely use
a) The use of fossil fuel creates air pollution
b) The demand for electric power is growing
c) LImited supplies in nonrenewable resources
d) There is unacceptable risk for radiation exposure

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