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In order to select the best solution, all the possible solutions must be . . .
a) tested
b) evaluated
c) implemented
d) simulated

A means of achieving a desired result is called:
a) a system
b) output
c) input
d) a subsystem

Which of the following is not one of the three kinds of thinking skills?
a) creative thinking skills
b) decision-making skills
c) critical thinking skills
d) problem-solving thinking skills

Which of these procedures is common to both the scientific method and the problem-solving process?
a) observing
b) thinking about and trying solutions
c) analyzing results
d) all of these

If you are brainstorming, you are . . . .
a) looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of solutions
b) coming up with as many solutions as possible
c) testing solutions
d) implementing the solution

The purpose of simulations is to . . . .
a) think of as many solutions as possible
b) select the best solution
c) test the solution
d) evaluate the solution

Which of the following statements about the Technology Student Association (TSA) is not true?
a) Its mission is to prepare its members for technological challenges.
b) It was founded in 1994.
c) It offers scholarships and awards.
d) It is only for high school students.

During which step of the problem-solving process are models made to test possible solutions?
a) implementing the solution
b) developing possible solutions
c) selecting the best solution
d) evaluating the solution

During which step of the problem-solving process does improvement of a solution take place?
a) developing possible solutions
b) evaluating the solution
c) implementing the solution
d) selecting the best solution

Which of the following is not a step of the problem-solving process?
a) select the best solution
b) state the problem clearly
c) form a hypothesis
d) develop possible solutions

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