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sticks and other small pieces of material used to start a fire
a) rubble
b) mangle
c) kindling
d) tawny

To speak or act in violent anger; to move with great anger or violence
a) raging
b) strut
c) coast
d) demolish

shining, gleaming
a) tawny
b) buff
c) cocky
d) lustrous

in an unhurried manner; slowly
a) amble
b) coast
c) leisurely
d) strut

to move with bumps and jolts
a) rubble
b) gulf
c) coast
d) jounce

to ruin, spoil, disfigure; or a machine tht presses fabrics
a) demolish
b) mangle
c) raging
d) network

a cocky way of walking
a) amble
b) leisurely
c) strut
d) coast

The deepest part of a stream or river; or a band of broadcast frequencies
a) channel
b) gulf
c) network
d) coast

a large body of ocean or sea water partially surrounded by land; or a lapse in understanding
a) channel
b) coast
c) complex
d) gulf

in a vertical upright position; to build; construct, establish or set up
a) erect
b) amble
c) buff
d) etch

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