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What advantage does biomass have over fossil fuels when being used to power automobiles?
a) Biomass is a renewable resource
b) Biomass requires little land to grow
c) Biomass is very inexpensive to produce
d) Biomass does not cause pollution when it burns.

Which kind of energy from the heat inside earth can be used to generate electricity?
a) Wind energy
b) solar energy
c) geothermal energy
d) hydroelectric energy

A city plans to convert all its electricity sources to solar collectors. This is one part of a new plan to manage the city’s energy resources. What is a possible disadvantage of the plan?
a) Air pollution will increase
b) The peoples electricity bills will increase
c) More water will be required to cool equipment
d) Solar energy might be used up to quickly

What is a disadvantage of using wind power as an energy source?
a) Tall wind turbines can be dangerous to birds
b) Wind turbines create access energy that cannot be used
c) Wind energy costs significantly more than other types of energy
d) Waste is created when wind energy is converted to electrical energy.

How is geothermal energy used?
a) Material is burned to cook food or drive engines
b) Moving water turns a turbine to produce electricity
c) Wind turns a turbine that makes a generator work
d) Heated water warms buildings or generates electricity.

What are the advantages of using resources such as geothermal energy, solar energy, and hydropower?
a) They can generate power by burning waste
b) They come from energy sources that never run out.
c) They increase the amount of greenhouse gasses
d) They produce large amounts of energy from burning fuels.

What renewable energy source can be produced from the natural resource wheat?
a) alcohol
b) sunlight
c) flowing wind
d) flowing water

What is one way petroleum is different from coal?
a) Energy is stored in coal
b) coal forms from plants on land
c) mining coal does not harm the environment
d) burning coal can release chemicals into the atmosphere.

Why is nuclear energy considered to be a nonrenewable energy source?
a) some people do not support the use of nuclear energy as a resource
b) Fuels, such as uranium ore, are not replaced in nature as quickly as they are used
c) Nuclear power plants produce waste that must be stored for long periods of time
d) Atomic fission produces heat that is often released into waterways as thermal pollution.

How do fossil fuels form?
a) Fossil fuels are made by human processes at a factor
b) Fossil fuels form as wind and running water break down fossils
c) Buried rocks are exposed to heat and pressure and slowly turn into oil, coal, or natural gas
d) Buried plants and animal cells are exposed to heat and pressure and slowly turn into oil, coal, or natural gas.

What is a disadvantages of using fossil fuels as an energy source?
a) Burning fossil fuels produces radioactive wastes
b) Gases released during combustion can form acid rain
c) The heat released during combustion can be used to produce electricity
d) Fossil fuels produce a tremendous amount of energy that is difficult to contain.

What is the process of nuclear fission?
a) Energy is released as a result of atomic fission
b) Energy is absorbed as a result of atomic fissin
c) Energy is released during the combustion of a fossil fuel
d) Energy is being stored during the formation of a fossil fuel.

A natural resource is best defined as any natural occurring material that is ___________.
a) used by people
b) mined from earth
c) unlimited in quantity
d) left untouched in nature.

What are some activities that require material resources?
a) heating a home
b) manufacturing steel
c) climbing a tall mountain
d) generating an electric current

Coal is a natural resource. Why is coal considered nonrenewable?
a) Coal will never run out
b) No new coal is being produced on earth
c) Coal is used to produce energy and not materials
d) Coal is being used faster than it is being produced.

What is an inexhaustible natural resources?
a) trees
b) water
c) cattle
d) sunlight

Why are trees classified as energy sources?
a) It is a renewable resource
b) It can be used to build a home
c) It can be burned to provide heat
d) It requires energy to grow a tree

In what way is hydroelectric power, produced by dams, dependent on the sun?
a) Solar panels are used to collect and store hydroelectric power
b) Hydrogen and oxygen molecules need sunlight to form water.
c) Hydroelectric power plants run on solar enery
d) The sun provides energy from the water cycle.

What is a good way to conserve water in our lakes?
a) Drink less water
b) Buy bottled water
c) Do not swim in lakes
d) Do not water your lawn

What are some good ways to manage energy resources?
a) Add new freeways
b) Construct more bike paths
c) Build a new football stadium
d) Add solar panels to city buildings

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