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Which of the following is NOT a good tip for becoming a positive role model?
a) Use language correctly.
b) Model manners you want the children to learn.
c) Use sarcasm with children.
d) Follow the same rules you expect them to follow.

What should be a teacher's main concern when working with children?
a) child's education
b) child's safety
c) child's culture
d) child's family

A successful teacher _______.
a) gets children to copmlete teasks on time
b) has confidence in his or her abilities
c) finds working with children to be an easy job
d) is very serious all of the time

Which program is located on college campuses and exists for research?
a) Kindergarten
b) Head Start
c) Laboratory School
d) Montessori School

The most important trait of an early childhood teacher is _____.
a) commitment to the profession
b) a fondness of children
c) a knowledge of child development
d) a high energy level

Which of the following is the largest professional organization for individuals that work with young children?
a) CDA

When can a teacher break confidentiality?
a) A child is being abused or neglected.
b) A child's parents are divoricing.
c) A child has a contagious illness.
d) None of the above.

Legal questions that may be asked during an interview include _____.
a) plans for having children
b) convictions that may affect the job
c) marital status or religion
d) number of children the applicant has

During a job interview, an applicant should _____.
a) ask questions about vacation time
b) volunteer negative information about former employers
c) chew gum to feel more relaxed
d) maintain eye contact and be confident

A good resume includes ________.
a) two paragraphs on the kind of job being sought
b) past job experiences and education
c) two letters of recommendation
d) a list of strengths and weaknesses

Successful job applicants ______.
a) commit themselves fully to the job hunting process
b) have their resumes written by professional services
c) treat job hunting as a part-time job
d) do not need a plan

Which program stresses academic learning and practical life skills in a private school type setting?
a) Kindergarten
b) Head Start
c) Montessori School
d) Preschool

What is the most important purpose of Head Start?
a) provide child care so parents can work
b) improve the health of preschool children
c) help young children overcome the negative effects of poverty
d) improve all areas of development in children

Montessori school stress the development of _____ in children.
a) independence
b) creativity
c) dpendence
d) disobedience

The most common type of child care in the US:
a) play groups
b) family child care
c) Pre-Kindergarten
d) Head Start

All of the following are very important factors to consider in choosing child care EXCEPT:
a) the quality of the care
b) the cost of the care
c) the presence of technology
d) the convenience of the site

Who ensures that daycares are following state guidelines?
a) licensing specialist
b) child care director
c) au pair
d) nanny

Who provides in-home care for children?
a) nanny
b) au pair
c) neither
d) both

Which program would be best for an unemployed mother that has twin toddlers with speech problems?
a) Kindergarten
b) Head Start
c) Montessori School
d) Preschool

According to the Montessori Method, ______.
a) children learn all they need to know about life from nature
b) children need a strong relationship with the teacher before they can learn
c) children perform work tasks individually with materials that meet their development needs
d) formal education should be postponed until children are at least 12 years old

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