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The main tools used by scientists in the Scientific Revolution.
a) The Bible and Faith
b) Observation and Experimentation
c) Faith and reason
d) Astrolobe and the Bible

Enlightenment philosopher who believed in Life, Liberty, and Property.
a) John Locke
b) Thomas Hobbes
c) Rousseau
d) Montesquieu

Enlightenment Philosopher who believed in the will of the people making government.
a) Hobbes
b) Locke
c) Rousseau
d) Voltaire

Robespierre felt to save France the government had to use-
a) Church teachings
b) violence against political opponents
c) negotiating tactics
d) Inquisitions on Jews

Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin, and Toussant L'Ouveture were-
a) priests
b) revolutionary leaders in Latin America
c) Kings
d) Founding Fathers of the United States

Which continent had most of its countries become independent states by breaking away from being European Colonies by 1828?
a) Asia
b) Latin America
c) Europe
d) Africa

Newton, Galileo, Kepler, and Copernicus were all
a) priests
b) kings
c) mathemeticians
d) botanists

Enlightenment philosophers believed these were the tools to improving society
a) The Bible and Faith
b) reason and the laws of nature
c) Astrolobe and telescope
d) Violence and intolerance

Rousseau and Locke believed governments needed to be-
a) Monarchies
b) dictatorships
c) built upon the consent of the governed
d) destroyed entirely

Napoleon and Robespierre were both
a) Monarchs of England
b) individuals who took power at different times of the French Revolution
c) Popes who controlled much of Europe
d) the founders of Socialism

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