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Some bacteria are made of only one cell, we call this
a) Multicellular
b) Unicellular
c) there are no such thing as single celled organisms
d) none of these

Which organelles are only present in plant cells?
a) ribosomes and mitochondria
b) cell membrane and cell wall
c) cell wall and chloroplasts
d) chloroplast and cytoplasm

Cell Theory states that
a) living things can spontaneously spring to life from dead things
b) all cells come from bacteria
c) living things must be multicellular (have many cells)
d) all living things are made up of at least one cell.

Do all cells have a cell membrane?
a) No, only plant cells have a cell membrane.
b) No, only animal cells have a cell membrane.
c) Yes, both plant and animals cells have a cell membrane.
d) none of these

An ecosystem can only support a certian amount of organisms, we call this its
a) carrying capacity
b) life span
c) sucession
d) recycling

There are three major types of interactions; competition, predation, and
a) limiting factors
b) biotic factors
c) symbiosis
d) niche

Humans have the most impact on the environment because...
a) they only live in one place on the planet.
b) they don't learn anything about the environment around them.
c) they only do positive to help the environment.
d) they are able to change habits more easily and often then other species.

You are viewing a specimen through a microscope with a 10X eye piece using the low power (10X) magnification. What is the total magnification of the specimen you are viewing?
a) 20X
b) 200X
c) 100X
d) 1010X

We measure the volume of liquid in
a) a ruler
b) a box
c) a graduated cylinder
d) on a digital balance

Which of the following organelles is present ONLY plant cells?
a) lysosomes
b) cell membrane
c) chloroplasts
d) mitochondria

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