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The responding variable is also called...
a) the dependent variable
b) the independent variable
c) the constant variable
d) the control variable

Cooled vapor turns back into tiny drops of liquid water.
a) precipitation
b) nitrogen fixation
c) condensation
d) evaporation

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail... heavy droplets of water fall to the earth
a) condensation
b) precipitation
c) evaporation
d) nitrogen fixation

The manipulated variable is also called
a) the dependent variable
b) the constant variable
c) the observation
d) the independent variable

When might a population stabalize? (become relatively constant)
a) When limiting factors effect population growth (ex- food or space are limited)
b) increase in predators make the population stay the same
c) when more organisms are being born then are moving into an area
d) when more of the organisms are dying than are being born.

Which human impacts are least likely to effect an ecosystem in a negative way?
a) dumping trash into a landfill
b) using fossil fuels like gasoline
c) recycling bottles and cans
d) increasing the number of people in that ecosystem

What living things break down dead things in order to recycle the materials back into the environment?
a) algae
b) plants
c) bacteria
d) people

Which level of the energy pyramid is always plants?
a) the top (smallest energy level)
b) the bottom (largest energy level)
c) it depends on the ecosystem, sometimes it's the middle sometimes it's the top
d) plants are always the first level of consumers in an energy pyramid, becuase the cannot make their own food.

Energy from the sun changes liquid water into water vapor
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) nitrogen fixation

What is a major cause of global warming?
a) solar panels
b) decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
c) increasing numbers of plants producing carbon dioxide
d) burning of fossil fuels

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