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What is weathering?
a) When material is carried from one place to another by the wind
b) When material is carried from one place to another by water
c) when rock material is disintegrated and decomposed
d) compaction and cementation of rock material

Which type of rocks can contain fossils?
a) intrusive igneous rocks
b) minerals
c) organic sedimentary rocks
d) extrusive igneous rocks

Limestone is classified as both a chemical sedimentary rock and as an organic sedimentary rock, Why?
a) because of the mineral it contains
b) because is is formed by both a chemical process (evaporation of disolved minerals) and contains organic material
c) because it is used to make drywall
d) because it forms when it errupts from the earth and cools instantly

Which of the following is a mineral?
a) Coal
b) Granite
c) Gold
d) limestone

A mineral's colored powder is found by scratching it on a plate, what is this mineral property called?
a) luster
b) color
c) cleavage
d) streak

Clastic sedimentary rocks form how?
a) contact metamorphism
b) regional metamorphism
c) time and pressure causes compaction and cementation
d) rock forming chemicals are left after water evaporates

How do igneous rocks form?
a) sediments are deposited and over time compressed and cemented together
b) as magma or lava cools and hardens
c) a rock undergoes a change in pressure or heating and forms another rock
d) over a large area as rocks are exposed to the extreme pressure of mountian building.

What type of rocks can become metamophic rocks?
a) only sedimentary rocks
b) both sedimentary and igneous rocks
c) all three types (sedimentary, igneous,and metamorphic) can become metamorphic rocks
d) only special minerals can become metamorphic rocks.

What is the first step in soil formation?
a) humus is created
b) water and wind deposit sand to form dunes
c) parent rock is weathered into smaller pieces
d) none of these

How does cooling time effect grain size in igneous rocks?
a) the faster the rock cools the larger the grain size
b) the faster the rock cools the smaller the grain size
c) the cooling rate does not effect grain size
d) only sedimentary rocks cool to form grains, not igneous rocks

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