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What law extends Civil Rights protection of people with disabilities to private sector employment, public services and accommodations, transportation and telecommunication?
a) Americans With Disabilities Act
c) Javits Gifted or Talented Students
d) No Child Left Behind Act

Fill in the blank: Skills such as dressing, toileting, making a purchase, and meal preparation are all examples of skills most often obtained through _______.
a) Free Appropriate Public Education
b) Scientific Instruction
c) Functional Curriculum
d) Factual Curriculum

What exists when a particular group receives special education at a rate significantly higher or lower than woudl be expected based on the proportion of the general students population that group represents?
a) Disproportionate Representation
b) Disproportionate Requirement
c) Proportionate Representation
d) Proportionate Requirement

What should you use to ensure the best instructional method for all your students?
a) Culturally Biased Instruction
b) Scientifically Based Instruction
c) Due Process
d) Repeated Reading

Which term is best defined as educating students with disabilities in the general education classroom?
a) Generalization
b) Inclusion
c) Scaffolding
d) Multiculture Education

What is individually planned, specialized, intensive, outcome directed instruction that is most effectively practiced with the use of research-based instructional methods, guided by direct and frequent measures of student performance?
a) Special Education
b) Inclusion
c) Segregation
d) Socialization

What concept is designed to deliver products and services that are usable by people with the widest possible range of functional capabilities?
a) Assistive Technology
b) Universal Design for Learning
c) Free Appropriate Public Education
d) Nondiscriminatory Evaluation

Which statement below is not a purpose of IDEA?
a) The best way tdio determine eligibility for special education services is with a standardized IQ test.
b) Schools must educate all children with disabilities.
c) All children shall receive a Free Appropriate Public Education.
d) Schools must collaborate with parents and students.

This exists when an impairment limits a person's abilty to perform certain tasks.
a) Disability
b) At Risk
c) Handicap
d) Zero Reject

Which IDEA principal requires schools to educate students with disabilities with children without disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate?
a) Zero Reject
b) Nondiscriminatory Evaluation
c) Least Restrictive Environment
d) Procedural Safeguards

Which is not a goal of the No Child Left Behind Act?
a) Full inclusion of all students with disabilities.
b) Children are taught by highly qualified teachers.
c) Instructional methods used are validated through scientific research.
d) Schools are expected to make adequate yearly progress.

What must be developed for each student with a disability between the ages of 3-21?
a) Individualized Environmental Program
b) Incidental Education Plan
c) Intermediate Education Program
d) Individualized Education Program

At what age must an IEP include information on how the child's transition from school to adult life will be supported?
a) 16
b) 12
c) 7
d) 18

Which is not one of the 7 components of an IEP?
a) A statement of the child's present levels of academic achievement and functional performance.
b) A statement of how much federal funding must be spent on resources and assistive technology.
c) A statement of the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services and modifications or supports.
d) An explanation of the extent, if any, to which the child will not participate with nondisabled peers.

Fill in the blank: The IEP is a measure of accountability for the _______.
a) Schools and Teachers
b) Parents
c) Students with a Disability
d) Nondisabled Peers

Which is not true of response cards?
a) Just like choral responding, response cards promote active student engagement.
b) Teachers provide these cards to students who answer incorrectly on a pretest to aid in learning.
c) They are a research-based tool.
d) They are cards, signs and items that all students simultaneously hold up to display their responses to a question.

Which answer best describes a Continuum of Alternative Placements?
a) Continually changing a students educational environment to provide more realistic experiences.
b) Placements for students with disabilities with the general education classroom is not an option.
c) A range of placement and service options to meet the individual needs of all students with disabilities.
d) The general education classroom can not be the starting point on the continuum of alternative placements.

What type of program is a systematic preferral and early intervention process that consists of universal screening and several tiers of increasingly intensive trials of research-based intervention before referral to evaluation for special education?
a) Response to Intervention
b) Intervention Methods and Responses
c) Prereferral Intervention
d) Individualized Education Program

Who makes the final decision on a child with a disability's academic and functional annual goals included in an IEP?
a) The IEP Team
b) The Parents
c) The Special Education Teacher
d) The Regular Education Teacher

When determining teh LRE for a child with disabilities, what environment is always the starting poing?
a) The Resource Room
b) The Residential School
c) The General Education Classroom
d) An Alternative Separate School

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