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After 8 years of fighting, the Vietminh defeated a French military camp at this place to secure Vietnam's freedom from France.
a) North Vietnam
b) South Vietnam
c) Viet Cong
d) Dien Bien Phu

Country that ruled Vietnam for 1000 years before it won its independence in 939 CE
a) France
b) China
c) United States
d) Great Britain

Even though Vietnam won its independence from France, Ho Chi Minh wasn't satisfied because he wanted this for Vietnam:
a) Unification
b) Joining the United Nations
c) Freedom from China
d) A rejection of Communism

After the conference in Geneva Switzerland, where was Vietnam divided?
a) The 9th Parallel
b) The 15th Parallel
c) The 17th Parallel
d) The 32nd Parallel

Term that means splitting up land (this happened when the Ottoman Empire was split up, when India was split into India and Pakistan, and when Vietnam was divided into North and South Vietnam).
a) Ceasing
b) Unifying
c) Liberating
d) Partitioning

How can Ho Chi Minh best be CONTRASTED to Gandhi?
a) One was an independence movement leader and one started a religion.
b) Both were independence movement leaders, but one believed in nonviolent protest and the other utilized violent methods.
c) One was Christian and one was Jewish.
d) One was from France and one was from Turkey.

What country laid claim to Vietnam in the 1900s?
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) United States
d) Russia

After Vietnam was split up, Ho Chi Minh was in charge of this part of the country and it was based on Communism.
a) Eastern
b) Western
c) Northern
d) Southern

Name of the army Ho Chi Minh created to fight against the French for Vietnam's independence:
a) French Liberation Army
b) Viet Cong
c) Association of Vietnamese Liberators
d) Vietminh League

What the land area that is now Vietnam was known as in the 1900s:
a) Ottoman Empire
b) Indochina
c) French Vietnam
d) BritainColony

This man is recognized as a leader in the fight for Vietnam's independence from France:
a) Ho Chi Minh
b) Mohandas Gandhi
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Dien Bien Phu

What country led the fight to split Vietnam into 2 parts and why?
a) Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh thought it was best to have 2 separate countries.
b) France: Its president knew that it would upset Ho Chi Minh and he wanted revenge for the defeat at Dien Bien Phu
c) United States: The country was worried about the spread of Communism and wanted to try to contain it.
d) Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh was concerned about the spread of Ho Chi Minh and wanted to keep North Vietnam free from Communism

How did the Vietnam War end?
a) With the United States winning and Communism being limited to South Vietnam.
b) In a cease fire agreement with America withdrawing its troops and Vietnam becoming one united country.
c) With Vietnam winning and getting to stay split into 2 countries like Ho Chi Minh wanted
d) With France winning and creating the country of Indochina

The Vietminh received assistance from what 2 places in its fight against the French for Vietnam's freedom?
a) China and the Soviet Union
b) China and Great Britain
c) Great Britain and the Soviet Union
d) China and Spain

Ho Chi Minh aligned himself with this party because he believed it would help him get freedom for Vietnam since they spoke out against European colonial powers.
a) Republican
b) Democratic
c) Independent
d) Communist

This was the army Ho Chi Minh created to fight against the United States and anti-Communist forces in South Vietnam in order to try to unify Vietnam:
a) Vietminh
b) Dien Bien Phu
c) Viet Cong
d) Communists United

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