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What is the purpose of expository text?
a) to describe something
b) to present information
c) to entertain the reader
d) to explain

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a lyric poem?
a) Form
b) Repition
c) Refrain
d) Rhyme

What types of conflict do characters NOT struggle with in a story?
a) Man vs. Himself
b) Man vs. Nature
c) Man vs. Man
d) Man vs. Money

What is an aside?
a) In drama, the actor talks to the audience and the people on stage do not hear.
b) In poetry, the speaker talks directly to the audience.
c) In drama, the actor talks to the audience and the people on stage do hear.
d) In novels, the narrator talks to the reader directly.

What is an epigram?
a) The inscription on one's a tomb.
b) A silly remark made from one character to another.
c) An amusing and witty remark that makes a point.
d) A common saying that everyone knows.

Who is the author of the novel Freckles?
a) Kurt Vonnegt
b) John Mellancamp
c) Cornelia Skinner
d) Gene Stratton Porter

Which of the following is an internal conflict that Freckles struggles with in the story?
a) Not letting his fear cause him to quit his job.
b) Fighting with another one of the team members.

a) nljnln

a) hlhlh

a) nlnlkn

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