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San Francisco has experienced several earthquakes because the ___ Fault passes right through the city.
a) San Andreas
b) New Madrid
c) California
d) San Francisco

Seismic waves start underground at the earthquakes ____.
a) focus
b) epicenter
c) subduction zone
d) seismograph

Which of the following would most likely have the youngest rock?
a) A slickenside.
b) Mountains form by the collision of oceanic plates and continental plates, such as the Andes mountain range.
c) Mid-ocean ridges.
d) Mountains formed by the collision of continental plates, such as the Himalayan mountain range.

The best way to detect transform faults is by the ___ they cause.
a) subduction
b) earthquakes
c) volcanic eruptions
d) convection

The Richter Scale is based on measurement of the ___of seismic wave
a) speed
b) frequency
c) intensity
d) amplitude

Scientist have observed that the plates move at a rate ranging from 1cm to 12cm per ___.
a) century
b) decade
c) day
d) year

Tsunamis are caused by
a) hot spots
b) pyroclastic flows
c) earthquake motion on the ocean floor
d) fissure eruptions

Which statement is true of P-waves?
a) They travel the fastest through rock.
b) They vibrate at 90 degrees to the wave motion.
c) They are the last to reach the epicenter.
d) They are the most damaging.

Earthquake waves are called...
a) seismic waves
b) convergent waves
c) divergent waves
d) wave amplitudes

A ___ is an instrument that records and measures seismic waves.
a) seismologist
b) seismograph
c) polygraph
d) Richter scale

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