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A ___ forms where two oceanic plates collide.
a) subduction zone
b) hot spot
c) transform boundaries
d) rift valley

____ are formed when two continental plates collide.
a) Volcanoes
b) Strike-slip faults
c) Mountain ranges
d) Rift valleys

Active volcanoes are most likely to form at...
a) transform boundaries
b) divergent boundaries
c) the center of the continent
d) convergent oceanic-continental boundaries

Plates slide past one another at...
a) subduction zones
b) transform boundaries
c) convection currents
d) divergent boundaries

The boundary between two plates moving together is called...
a) divergent boundary
b) convergent boundary
c) transform boundary
d) lithosphere

The results of plate movement can be seen at...
a) abyssal plains
b) ocean margins
c) plate centers
d) plate boundaries

Plates move apart at ___ boundaries.
a) convergent
b) stable
c) divergent
d) transform

The presence of the same ____ on several continents supports the hypothesis of Continental Drift
a) fossils
b) rocks
c) neither
d) both

The hypothesis that continents have slowly moved to their current locations is called...
a) continental drift
b) continental slope
c) magnetic reversal
d) convection

A lack of explanation for continental drift prevented many scientist from accepting that a single supercontinent called ____ once existed.
a) Glomar
b) Glossopteris
c) Pangaea
d) Wegener

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