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Acceleration is a change in ________________.
a) speed
b) velocity
c) displacement
d) position

Acceleration involves a change in ________________.
a) time
b) direction
c) speed
d) both b and c

Speed is the rate of change in ______________.
a) velocity
b) time
c) direction
d) distance

When you graph the motion of an object, you put ____________ on the horizontal axis and _____________ on the vertical axis.
a) speed, time
b) distance, time
c) time, speed
d) time, distance

The distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel the distance is _____________.
a) average speed
b) mass
c) momentum
d) speed

When a toy truck collides into a toy car, the momentum of ________________ is the same before and after the collision.
a) the truck
b) the car
c) the truck times the car
d) the truck plus the car

On a speed-time graph, a horizontal line shows the change in speed is ______.
a) -10
b) 10
c) 1
d) 0

Inertia _________________________________________.
a) depends on direction
b) depends on momentum
c) resists a change in motion of an object
d) both a and b

To describe velocity, you need to know __________________.
a) speed and direction
b) speed and time
c) direction and acceleration
d) speed and acceleration

Momentum is a measure of __________________________.
a) how hard it is to stop an object
b) the amount of matter in an object
c) the tendency of an object to change its motion
d) the amount of force acting on an object

When object A collides with object B and bounces back, its final momentum is __________________ its initial momentum.
a) greater than
b) less than
c) in the same direction of
d) in the opposite direction of

If you exert a force on an object in motion you will change its ___________________.
a) mass
b) weight
c) inertia
d) momentum

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