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The magnet will pick up the nail but not the penny because the nail
a) has rust on it
b) is lighter than the penny
c) has a sharp point
d) contains iron

A student pushed the magnets together, but they came apart as soon as the student let go. The magnets stay apart from each other because
a) magnets are too weak to stay together
b) material that makes up the magnets are not magnetic
c) same poles of the magnets are facing each other
d) pencil stops the force of the magnets

Which of these is attracted to a magnet?
a) iron nail
b) copper penny
c) silver spoon
d) aluminum pan

Magnets will stick to refrigerator doors because the doors are
a) painted with plastic
b) made of metal
c) easy to open
d) heavy

Which of these can move a nail lying on a table without touching the nail?
a) a magnet
b) a string
c) a wire
d) a ruler

Which objects would be attracted to a magnet?
a) book, wood, ruler
b) clock, water bottle, laptop
c) chair, sticky note, push pin
d) paper clip, doorknob, staples

What do you call it when two magnets push against each other?
a) repel
b) attract
c) poles
d) opposites

What do you call it when two magnets come together?
a) poles
b) motion
c) attract
d) north

Magnets have a north pole and a south pole.
a) True
b) False

The north and south poles of magnets repel each other.
a) True
b) False

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