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What was the short term impact of the Bubonic Plague?
a) It caused the church to fail because people didn't believe God would punish people so horribly
b) It caused the death of so many people there was a shortage of labor
c) It caused the monarchy to weaken and eventually fail as a government
d) It caused the American Revolution

How did the Bubonic Plague weaken feudalism?
a) It killed off the peasant workers that had provided all the food for people
b) It killed off all the nobles that had protected the peasants and serfs
c) It killed off all the knights who had protected the peasants and serfs
d) It killed off all the barbarians who had invaded the kingdoms

What document limited the rights of the Monarchy?
a) Constitution
b) 95 Thesis
c) Magna Carta
d) King John's Decree

Who was at war during the Hundred Years War?
a) England and Rome
b) France and Rome
c) England and France
d) England and China

How did merchants benefit from the Crusades?
a) Merchants weren't fighting so they weren't killed and able to live their lives normally
b) Merchants stayed at home and kept their stores and shops open
c) Merchants supplied the soldiers and were able to sell new products from Asia
d) Merchants stole the best products from Jerusalem and sold them to Christians

Who is responsible for bringing the feudal system to Europe?
a) William the Conqueror
b) Charlemagne
c) Pope Urban II
d) Pope Gregory

Which religion believed that Jerusalem was their holy land?
a) Jews
b) Christians
c) Muslims
d) all 3 monotheistic religions

The feudal system relied on
a) knights to provide protection
b) nobles to rule land
c) serfs and peasants to farm
d) merchants

The Crusades were
a) a series of holy wars
b) a series of wars that lasted 116 years
c) a war between two popes
d) a war between England and France

Which of the following did not contribute to the downfall of feudalism
a) Bubonic Plague
b) Merchants using money
c) the Crusades
d) the manorial system

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