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Components Of The Universe And Corresponding Sizing, And Evidence Of Expanding Universe Using (Doppler Effect) Red Shift And Hubble's Law. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which statement best describes galaxies?
a) They may contain billions of stars in a space much larger than our solar system.
b) They may contain a few hundred stars in a space slightly larger than the solar system.
c) They contain only one star but hundreds of planets.
d) They are similar in size to the solar system.

Billions of stars in the same region of the universe are called
a) galaxies
b) constellations
c) asteroid belts
d) solar systems

According to the big bang theory, the universe began as an explosion and is still expanding. This theory is supported by observations that the stellar spectra of distant galaxies show a
a) shift toward the red end of the spectrum
b) shift toward the blue end of the spectrum
c) concentration in the green portion of the spectrum
d) concentration in the yellow portion of the spectrum

In which list are celestial features correctly shown in order of increasing size?
a) planet -- solar system -- galaxy -- universe
b) universe -- galaxy -- solar system -- planet
c) solar system -- galaxy -- planet -- universe
d) galaxy -- solar system -- universe -- planet

Based on the red-shift data on galaxies, most astronomers infer that the universe is currently
a) expanding
b) contracting
c) moving randomly
d) fixed and stationary

The unit most used by astronomers to express the distances to other galaxies is
a) Lightyears (LY)
b) astronomical unit (AU)
c) kilometers
d) miles

A light year is
a) the distance traveled by light in one year
b) the distance the Earth moves in one year
c) the time it takes light to go once around the Earth's orbit
d) the time it takes light to travel one year

The Milky Way galaxy is best described as
a) a spiral-shaped formation composed of billions of stars
b) a region in space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
c) a constellation visible to everyone on Earth
d) a type of solar system

A star moving toward the Earth will have a spectrum containing
a) blue shifted lines.
b) red shifted lines.
c) unshifted lines.
d) dim lines.

According to Hubbell's law more rapidly moving galaxies are now
a) further away from us
b) closer to us
c) accelerating rapidly
d) already contracting toward another big bang

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