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Which amendment made it illegal to make, transport, or sell alcohol?
a) 18th amendment
b) 19th amendment
c) 21st Amdendment
d) 5th amendment

Which 1883 law established the Civil Service Commission?
a) Pendleton Act
b) Espionage act
c) Fair trade Act
d) Sedition Act

Elected leaders give rewards to their political supporters under which system?
a) prohibition
b) reperations
c) spoils system
d) referendums

What is it called when unions represent workers in talking to management?
a) injunction
b) collective bargaining
c) entente
d) innovation

What is the name of a court order to stop a labor union from striking?
a) Injunction
b) entente
c) reperation
d) innovation

Which legislation was a response to the public's growing concern over trusts and monopolies?
a) monopoly act
b) espionage act
c) sherman antitrsut act
d) sedition act

Which of the following was an immigrant’s greatest challenge once inside the United States?
a) Finding Housing
b) Finding Schools
c) Finding work
d) Finding transportation

Which of the following was Thomas Edison's most important invention?
a) camera
b) light bulb
c) telephone
d) automobile

Who was responsible for laying a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean in 1866?
a) Cyrus Field
b) George Eastman
c) Bill Gates
d) William Taft

What did Theodore Roosevelt promise the American people in his run for the presidency in 1904?
a) new deal
b) square deal
c) no taxes
d) isolation

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