Progressive Political Reforms Question Preview (ID: 28995)

Answer The Questions On Political Reforms.

City bosses and urban political machines in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries did which of the following?
a) provided some welfare for poor immigrants in exchange for political support.
b) discouraged railroad and highway construction to prevent people from moving
c) promoted prohibition
d) enabled the urban middle class to participate more effectively in politics

Which of the following was NOT a reason urban political machines stayed in power?
a) They understood how to use the political system for their own good
b) They performed social services for the immigrants
c) There was little regard for the political system
d) There was little control over urban life

The most famous of the urban political bosses in the late nineteenth century was
a) William Tweed
b) Henry George
c) Jane Addams
d) Dwight L. Moody

The most famous political machine of the late nineteenth century was
a) the Fifth Street Gang
b) Tammany Hall
c) the Irish Mafia
d) the Lamar Circle

Individuals who believed that the government should take actions to protect citizens, consumers, and workers were called
a) liberals
b) conservatives
c) progressives
d) populists

Voters can propose jegislation through which process?
a) initiative
b) recall
c) referendum
d) direct primary

A change to the Constitution approved by Congress and ratified by the states is called a(n) –
a) Act
b) Transition
c) Amendment
d) Article

A local official such as a mayor can be removed from office by –
a) initiative
b) referendum
c) recall
d) direct primary

This law ended the Spoils System by requiring all candidates for government jobs to pass a Civil Service Exam to be eligible for offices
a) 17th Amendment
b) 16th Amendment
c) Pendleton Act
d) Morrill Act

The Spoils System was abolished by the:
a) Pendleton Civil Service Act
b) Dawes Act
c) Granger Movement
d) Sherman Act

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