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The novel The Jungle resulted in the passage of this law
a) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
b) The Meat Inspection Act
c) The Federal Reserve Act
d) The United States Department of Agricultur

She wrote a A History of the Standard Oil Company, a book which condemned the business practices of John D. Rockefeller
a) Ida Tarbell
b) Nellie Bly
c) Jane Addams
d) Harriet Beecher Stowe

He was a political cartoonist who’s art work exposed corruption in government and voter fraud -
a) Jacob Riis
b) Thomas Nast
c) Pat Oliphant
d) Lincoln Steffens

Journalists who wrote articles or books which exposed corruption or other problems in society were called
a) libelers
b) protagonists
c) paparazzi
d) muckrakers

The process of becoming more American by learning the English language, US History, and the customs, traditions, rights, and responsibilities of the United States is called –
a) nativism
b) common school movement
c) assimilation
d) urbanization

Which of these was goal of the American Federation of Labor?
a) public school funding
b) safer working conditions
c) mandatory overtime
d) management training

He was the founder of the American Federation of Labor, and he sought the right to collective bargaining, higher wages, and safer working conditions
a) Eugene V. Debs
b) Terence V. Powderly
c) Samuel Gompers
d) John Lewis

When workers at a sleeping car company had their wages slashed, but did not see any decrease in their rents or prices at the company store, they went on strike.
a) The Pullman Strike of 1894
b) The Homestead Strike of 1892
c) The Ludlow Massacre
d) The Johnstown Flood

Andrew Carnegie cut the wages of his employees in 1892, and when they went on strike to protest, he fired the men and replaced them with strikebreakers.
a) The Pullman Strike of 1894
b) The Homestead Strike of 1892
c) The Ludlow Massacre
d) The Johnstown Flood

During this event in Chicago, workers from the McCormick Harvesting Company were protesting a wage cut when a bomb exploded – killing several police officers.
a) The Railroad Strike of 1877
b) The Haymarket Square Riot
c) The Ludlow Massacre
d) The Homestead Plant Strike

Which of the following methods WAS NEVER USED by labor unions to achieve their goals?
a) collective bargaining
b) strikes
c) hiring of strikebreakers
d) sit-ins and protests

Which of the following WAS NOT a goal of labor unions during the 19th Century?
a) higher wages
b) eight (8) hour work day
c) better safety conditions
d) opportunities for child labor

One company which completely controls an entire industry – running all competitors out of business, and charging prices as high as they care to – is called a –
a) partnership
b) monopoly
c) corporation
d) sole proprietorship

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution
a) gave women the right to vote
b) citizens elected their Senators directly
c) created a federal income tax
d) prohibited the drinking of alcohol

This amendment to the Constitution ended the election of Senators by state legislatures
a) 26th Amendment
b) 19th Amendmen
c) 17th Amendment
d) 15th Amendment

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