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The brain stem controls
a) breathing
b) motor skills
c) emotions
d) decision making

the hypothalamus...
a) doesn't exist
b) regulates hunger
c) controls emotion
d) controls vision

Which part controls vision?
a) Temporal Lobe
b) Frontal Lobe
c) Occipital Lobe
d) Amygdala

Which part controls coordination?
a) Cerebellum
b) Carotid artery
c) Brain stem
d) Cerebral cortex

Basic emotion is controlled by...
a) Frontal lobe
b) Amygdala
c) Brain stem
d) Cerebellum

The frontal lobe controls
a) motor skills
b) speech
c) impulse control
d) temperature

the pituitary gland
a) controls brain waves
b) releases vital hormones for body function
c) contains glandular pods
d) is located in the carotid artery

To keep from bumping into things, one needs the
a) temporal lobe
b) occipital lobe
c) frontal lobe
d) parietal lobe

Which creates new memories
a) hippocampus
b) cerebellum
c) amygdala
d) brain stem

which produces speech?
a) occipital lobe
b) parietal lobe
c) temporal lobe
d) frontal lobe

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