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Which body parts act as the fulcrums of levers?
a) muscles
b) bones
c) joints
d) tendons

A simple machine that might be thought of as an inclined plane that moves is a
a) lever
b) wheel and axle
c) wedge
d) pulley

Which of these could be considered an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder?
a) lever
b) screw
c) wheel and axle
d) pulley

The fixed point that a lever pivots around is called the
a) axle
b) pulley
c) gear
d) fulcrum

In order to do work on an object, the force you exert must be
a) the maximum amount of force you are able to exert.
b) in the same direction as the object’s motion.
c) in a direction opposite to Earth’s gravitational force.
d) quick and deliberate.

Work equals force times
a) energy
b) velocity
c) distance
d) mass

When you raise or lower a flag on a flagpole, you are using a(an)
a) wheel and axle
b) pulley
c) wedge
d) inclined plane

How can a hockey stick be considered a machine?
a) It multiplies force.
b) It multiplies distance.
c) It changes direction.
d) It reduces friction.

If tight scissors have an efficiency of 50 percent, half of your work is wasted due to
a) the output force.
b) the input force.
c) friction
d) changes in direction

Power is measured in units called
a) joules
b) pounds
c) watts
d) newtons

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