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antonym of amiable
a) hostile
b) friendly
c) passive
d) easy-going

antonym of malicious
a) loving
b) hurtful
c) harmful
d) evil

antonym of abhorrence
a) disgust
b) hatred
c) severe dislike
d) deep love

To walk or stomp about
a) traipse
b) jog
c) sprint
d) stand still

As a noun, it is a burial cloth; as a verb, it means to wrap a body
a) traipse
b) shroud
c) malicious
d) amiable

A body of troops arranged in a line
a) illustrious
b) hiatus
c) echelon
d) ponderous

Because everyone knows the musical rap star Drake, you could say he is quite
a) ponderous
b) illustrious
c) vehement
d) amiable

The broken car horn sounded for hours, took a five minute________, then began sounding again throughout the neighborhood.
a) illustrious
b) echelon
c) hiatus
d) vehement

Extremene intensity of emotions or convictions
a) vehement
b) illustrious
c) ponderous
d) abhorrence

heavy, labored or dull
a) ponderous
b) vehement
c) illustrious
d) hiatus

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