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Connects force, acceleration, and mass and states that an object acted upon by a force will accelerate in the direction of the force refers to which law?
a) Newton' first law of motion
b) Newton's second law of motion
c) Newton's third law of motion
d) law of the conservation of matter

The type of friction that prevents an object from moving when a force is applied is?
a) balanced friction
b) sliding friction
c) rolling friction
d) static friction

An object at rest remains at rest or moving at constant speed in a straight path unless an unbalanced force acts on it refers to which law?
a) the law of the conservation of momentum
b) Newton's first law of motion
c) Newton's second law of motion
d) Newton's third law of motion

If the forces are __________________, their effects don't cancel each other out and results in motion.
a) balanced
b) frictional
c) unbalanced
d) inertial

Two or more forces that are equal in size , but opposite in direction are _________________________________ .
a) balanced forces
b) frictional forces
c) inertial forces
d) net forces

Which equation represents the acceleration equation according to Newton's second law of motion?
a) F=mv
b) F=m/a
c) Fnet=ma
d) F-ma

Force is measured in ____________________.
a) kilograms
b) grams
c) Newtons
d) pascals

the larger the force, the larger the mass, and the ____________________ the acceleration
a) more constant
b) greater
c) less
d) more unchanging

Satellites that go around earth in nearly circular orbits, and are held in place by ________________________.
a) balanced forces
b) net forces
c) frictional forces
d) centripetal force (gravity)

Air resistance is a force that gets ________________ as an object moves faster.
a) larger
b) remains the face
c) eventually disappears
d) smaller

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