Semester 1 Final Review (Intro, Matter, Mineral, Rock, Resources, Weathering) Question Preview (ID: 28977)

Review For The Final... These Questions Are Resources And Weathering.

Which of the following weathering process involves the constant freezing and thawing of water?
a) unloading
b) frost wedging
c) exfoliation
d) spheroidal weathering

The process that occurs when physical forces break rock into small pieces without changing the rock's chemical composition is called ____.
a) differential weathering
b) chemical weathing
c) mechanical weathering
d) erosion

Compost helps preserve the health of soil because it ___.
a) is a natural fertilizer
b) contains pesticides that kill insects
c) breaks rock down into additional soil
d) adds artificial fertilizers that help plants grow

What is the most important law passed to deal with air pollution?
a) Clean Water Act
b) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
c) Clean Air Act
d) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, andLiability Act

The Clean Water Act ___.
a) required pollution control devices on cars and power plants
b) established National Ambient Air Quality Standards
c) set maximum contaminat levels for pollutants in drinking water
d) required industries to reduce or eliminate point source pollution in surface waters

Which of the following is NOT a land resource?
a) soil
b) forests
c) iron
d) wind

In which decade were the first important laws passed to decrease water pollution?
a) 1950's
b) 1960's
c) 1970's
d) 1980's

Fresh water is used for which of the following?
a) drinking
b) growing food
c) cooking
d) all of the above

How is tidal power harnessed?
a) by building a dam across a swiftly flowing river
b) by bombarding uranium nuclei with neutrons
c) by building a dam across the mouth of a bay or an estuary in a coastal area
d) by tapping into underground steam reservoirs

Hydroelectric power is produced by ___.
a) falling water that turns a turbine
b) tides that pour through a dam barrier
c) hot water that comes from deep underground
d) electric current that flows across a dam

Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) cotton
b) trees
c) cattle
d) uranium

The advantages of solar energy include the fact that it is ____.
a) nonrenewable
b) non-polluting
c) expensive
d) absent at night

Which of the following is an example of a renewable resources?
a) cotton
b) copper
c) natural gas
d) coal

Renewable resources ____.
a) can be replenished over months, years, or decades
b) are all living resources
c) have finite supplies that wil one day be used up
d) include iron, natural gas, and copper

Which of the following is NOT associated with mechanical weathering?
a) frost wedging
b) unloading
c) biological activity
d) reactions with oxygen

What is one of the drawbacks to the extensive use of solar energy?
a) it is nonrenewable
b) necessary equipment and installation are expensive
c) it is available only at night
d) it produces toxic pollution

What is the source of geothermal energy?
a) sunlight heating surface waters
b) the splitting of atoms to release energy
c) natural underground resevoirs of steam and hot water
d) very hot minerals deep underground

The gradual rounding of the corners and edges of angular blocks of rock is called ____.
a) exfoliation
b) unloading
c) spheroidal weathering
d) mechanical weathering

Which of these factors affect the rate of weathering?
a) climate
b) chemical composition of the exposed rock
c) surface area of the exposed rock
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements best describes a slump?
a) slippage of a block of material moving along a curved surface
b) blocks of rock sliding down a slope
c) rapids flow of water-saturated debris, most common in mountainous areas
d) slow downhill movement of soil and regolith

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