Semester 1 Final Review (Intro, Matter, Mineral, Rock, Resources, Weathering) Question Preview (ID: 28975)

Review For Semester 1... Mostly Rocks.

A foliated metamorphic rock froms when crystals ___.
a) combine and form visible bands
b) combine but do not form visible bands
c) become less compact
d) align themselves parallel to the direction of the forces acting on them

Which of the following is NOT an agent of metamorphism?
a) heat
b) running water
c) pressure
d) a hydrothermal solution

Which of the following changes may occur during metamorphism?
a) certain minerals may recrystallize
b) the rock becomes more compact
c) crystals may grow larger
d) all of the above

Sedimentary rocks with ripple marks suggest that the rocks formed ____.
a) along a beach or stream bed
b) when ancient animals walked over them
c) from the shell fragments of ancient sea-dwelling animals
d) when wet mud dried and shrank

Fossils are only found in ____.
a) intrusive igneous rocks
b) foliated metamorphic rocks
c) sedimentary rocks
d) nonfoliated metamorphic rocks

Which of the foloowing represents the correct order of the processes involved in sedimentary rock formation?
a) erosion, weathering, compaction, cementation, deposition
b) comapction, cementation, deposition, weathering, erosion
c) deposition, cementation, compaction, erosion, weathering
d) weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation

What type of rock should occur in the rock cycle after sediment is cemented and compacted?
a) igneous
b) metamorphic
c) lava
d) sedimentary

All the energy that drives Earth's rock cycle comes from ____.
a) the wind
b) Earth's interior and the sun
c) the breakdown of organic matter
d) the movement of water over Earth's surface

What type of rock should occur in the part of the rock cycle after magma cools?
a) igneous
b) metamorphic
c) lava
d) sedimentary

What process or processes would be occuring in the rock cycle for sediment to turn into a sedimentary rock?
a) cooling
b) melting
c) compaction and cementation
d) weathering and erosion

If granite undergoes high temperatures and high pressures deep within Earth, what type of rock will be formed? Assume that the granite doesn't melt.
a) a sedimentary rock
b) a metamorphic rock
c) an organic rock
d) an igneous rock

Which of the following is NOT considered to be a rock?
a) coal
b) sandstone
c) pumice
d) lava

Which of the following is NOT one of the three types of rock?
a) igneous
b) magma
c) sedimentary
d) metamorphic

What is a naturally occurring, solid mass of mineral or mineral-like matter?
a) a rock
b) a mineral
c) lava
d) a fossil

A metamorphic rock can be classified according to its ____.
a) density and texture
b) texture and composition
c) color and composition
d) density and color

Which of the following is true about rocks?
a) rocks are composed of only one mineral
b) rocks do not contain any nonmineral matter
c) coal is not considered a true rock
d) most rocks are a mixture of minerals

What type of rocks are formed by processes powered by the sun?
a) metamorphic rocks
b) sedimentary rocks
c) igneous rocks
d) no rocks are formed by energy from the sun

Where is the energy source found that drives the processes that for igneous and metamorphic rocks?
a) the sun
b) the wind
c) Earth's interior
d) moving water

Which of the following is a use for fossils found in sedimentary rocks?
a) interpreting past environments
b) indicating when rocks formed
c) matching rocks of the same age found in different places
d) all of the above

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