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Who was Alexander the great ?
a) King of the Ancient greek
b) King of sparta
c) He invented the internet
d) all of the above

Who killed King Philip ?
a) An assassin
b) The Pausanias
c) The Olympias
d) Mr Potato head's uncle

Who taught Alexander the Great ?
a) Aristotle
b) Plato
c) King Kong
d) all of the above

What age did Alexander the Great became king ?
a) age 20
b) age 13
c) age 2
d) age 40

At what age did Alexander the Great die?
a) age 30
b) age 50
c) age 332
d) age 70

Where was Alexander the Great born in?
a) Pella
b) Athans
c) Sparta
d) Mars

What month did Alexander the Great die in?
a) June
b) July
c) Leap year
d) May

What year was Alexander the Great was born?
a) 356 bc
b) 1999
c) 345 abc
d) 346 bc

What year did alexander the great die?
a) 323 bc
b) 365 bc
c) 340 lmnop
d) 341 bc

What did Dereous do after being defeated by Alexender the great?
a) Ran way and left behind his family
b) Fought back
c) worked on his tan
d) all of this above

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